The Rubic UNA system is the latest and the most advanced version of the monitoring system which controls independent fittings of emergency and evacuation lighting. Each control unit can control up to 4000 fittings by using MPU250 submodules. Submodules communicate with the central RUBIC UNA via LAN. Due to the connection through the LAN it is possible to use the Wi – Fi connection between the submodules.
RUBIC UNA has a touch panel with graphical, intuitive menu. This allows you to configure the system in a simply and easy way without the use of SmartVISIO application.
Due to applied technical solutions, we have eliminated the importance of polarization of connecting the communication bus directly to:
• RUBIC UNA central unit
• MP UNA submodules
• RS address modules
Each RS address module has its own individual number / address. Addresses are assigned by the factory therefore no additional devices, such as address programmers, are required.


The most important parameters :

  • Monitoring up to 500 emergency fittings
  • The maximum length of a single bus is 1200 m
  • LEDs signalling status of the system
  • Automated testing
  • Internal memory stores the reports of emergency lighting system in accordance with EN 50172
  • Night operation mode
  • Posiibility to test the fittings individually or in a group
  • Internal battery supporting power supply of the central unit
  • RJ45 connector for direct communication with any computer via Ethernet
  • Individual IP address
  • Preview of the system via any web browser
  • Continuous communication with the fittings in the system
  • Management and visualization of the system using dedicated software SMART VISIO