The SAOZ-Pk optical-acoustic alarm device is designed to emit fire alarm warning, alternately with an acoustic signal and an optical (visual) signal, both in outdoor and indoor (internal and external) fire alarm systems. The alarm device consists of a cover made of non-combustible material, an electronic circuit and a lamp with xenon flash tubes. The alarm device generates an acoustic signal simultaneously with an optical signal. The device has a four-position microswitch which permits to select the device operating mode (as “master” or “slave”), the sound pattern (1 of 4) and to reduce the sound volume by about 10dB. In addition, the signaling device also allows to build networks of alarm devices operating synchronously.

Characteristics of the acoustic-optical outdoor alarm device:

  • for indoor or outdoor use
  • adjusting volume of sound
  • up to 4 patterns of acoustic signals
  • working in synchronously operating signalling devices network