Duct smoke detector DS



Duct smoke detector DS is used for discovering early stage of fire in the ventilation ducts. It has optical sensor which ensure fast and reliable fire detection. Device have double sided built-in shortcircuit
isloator. These ensure constant loop works, even in case of damage. It also lets you easy find place of that damage. Moreover detectors constantly measures dirtyness level and control units - if needed
- shows information about neccesity of their cleening. Dirtyness level is also take to acount of fire detection, makes detection more reliable.

Technical Data  
Test fires detection accordance with EN 54-7
Smoke detection optical, scattering
Power supply voltage 24 [VDC] ± 25%
Quiescent current consumption <160 [µA]
Alarm current consumption <500 [µA]
Air velocity in duct 1 up to 20 [m/s]
IP housing IP 54
Ventourie pipes length 0,6 up to 2,8 [m]
Working temperature -20 [°C] up to 50 [°C]
Dimensions 279x165x83 [mm]
Product code FSD100


Files to download

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