CE Certificate - AXN 3, LOVATO N 3: 111/20/Z
CE Certificate - AXP 3, LOVATO P 3: 33/2023/Z
CE Certificate - ESCAPE ALU: 68/2023/Z
CE Certificate - INFINITY II: 44/2023/Z
CE Certificate - AXN: 2/2023/Z, 3/2023/Z
CE Certificate - AXP: 4/2023/Z, 5/2023/Z
CE Certificate - LOVATO II: 30/2023/Z
CE Certificate - LOVATO N: 42/2023/Z
CE Certificate - LOVATO P: 43/2023/Z
CE Certificate - MICROSPOT: 130/2023/Z, 147/2023/Z
CE Certificate - EDGE: 66/20/Z
CE Certificate - EXIT S, EXIT M, EXIT L: 32/2023/Z, 49/2023/A
CE Certificate - OUTDOOR: 129/2023/Z, 139/2023/Z
CE Certificate - HELIOS LED, HELIOS DS LED: 31/2023/Z
CE Certificate - ECONOMIC LED, ECONOMIC DS LED: 29/2023/Z
CE Certificate - ARROW N: 92/22/Z
CE Certificate - ARROW P: 91/22/Z
CE Certificate - TWINS: 128/2023/Z, 138/2023/Z
CE Certificate - WONDER IP40: 26/22/Z
CE Certificate - WONDER IP20: 83/2023/Z
CE Certificate - FAS
CE Certificate - FASmini
CE Certificate - detector S, SF
CE Certificate CE - detectors TS, TSF
CE Certificate - detector T, TF
CE Certificate - FIRERAY 50R, 50RV, 100R, 100RV
CE Certificate - FIRERAY 5000
CE Certificate - TX7130
CE Certificate - ROP 65
CE Certificate - ROP 21
CE Certificate - MIO22/44/88/2n2n/4n4n/22n/44n/22LS
CE Certificate - SAOZ-PK2
CE Certificate - SA-K7N
CE Certificate - SA-K5N
CE Certificate - SG-PWG2

Declaration Of Performance - Remote indicator WZ 4
Declaration Of Performance - Panel ESP
Declaration Of Performance - MIO 88
Declaration Of Performance - MIO 44n
Declaration Of Performance - MIO 44
Declaration Of Performance - MIO 22n
Declaration Of Performance - MIO 22LS
Declaration Of Performance - MIO 22
Declaration Of Performance - MIO 4n4n
Declaration Of Performance - MIO 2n2n
Declaration Of Performance - ROP 65
Declaration Of Performance - ROP 21
Declaration Of Performance - Detector TSF
Declaration Of Performance - Detector TS
Declaration Of Performance - Detector TF
Declaration Of Performance - Detector T
Declaration Of Performance - Detector SF
Declaration Of Performance - Detector S
Declaration Of Performance - Control Unit FAS
Declaration Of Conformity - TIGER LED, TIGER DS LED, TIGER P LED
Declaration Of Conformity - TWINS
Declaration Of Conformity - SK-8
Declaration Of Conformity - OUTDOOR LED
Declaration Of Conformity - MICRO SPOT
Declaration Of Conformity - LOVATO N, LOVATO P, LOVATO II, LOVATO N 3, LOVATO P 3
Declaration Of Conformity - INFINITY II
Declaration Of Conformity - HELIOS LED, HELIOS DS LED, HELIOS P LED
Declaration Of Conformity - EYE LED
Declaration Of Conformity - EXIT S, EXIT M, EXIT M DS, EXIT L
Declaration Of Conformity - EDGE S, EDGE R
Declaration Of Conformity - ECONOMIC LED
Declaration Of Conformity - AXN, AXP, AXN 3, AXP 3
Declaration Of Conformity - ARRWO N, ARROW P

ENEC Certificate - Electronic ballast
ENEC Certificate - Emergency luminaries

Hygienic Certificate - LOVATO N, LOVATO P, LOVATO II: B.BK.60112.0442.2022
Hygienic Certificate - AXN, AXP: B.BK.60112.0035.2023
Hygienic Certificate - AX3, LV3: B-BK-60212-0564/20
Hygienic Certificate - ESCAPE ALU: B-BK-60212-0565/20
Hygienic Certificate - INFINITY II: B.BK.60112.0441.2022
Hygienic Certificate - EXIT, HELIOS, TIGER: B.BK.60112.0440.2022
Hygienic Certificate - ARROW N, ARROW P: B.BK.60112.0036.2023
Hygienic Certificate - TWINS LED: B.BK.60112.0443.2022
Hygienic Certificate - EDGE: B.BK.60112.0338.2022
Hygienic Certificate - MICROSPOT: B.BK.60112.0444.2022

ISO Certificate

Kitemark Certificate - Electronic ballast
Kitemark Certificate - FZLV, FZLV II, CBS
Kitemark Certificate - RUBIC UNA
Kitemark Certificate - Emergency luminaries

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