Heat detector TF



Heat detector is used for discovering early stage of fire. It’s system uses termistores to carry fast and reliable fire detection. Heat detection is carried by 4-termistors temperature sensors. Fire alarm appears when temperature reach seted level or in case of it’s fast increase. Detector has built-in optical FLASH LED. This lets recognize it’s activation for a long distance. Microchip recognize type of alarm and drives it trough loop to FAS control unit. Detector works only in FAS systems. Device can be installed in addressable loop detection circuits or stub detection circuits.

Technical data  
Heat detector class A1R
Heat detection overload - differential
Power supply voltage 24 [VDC] ± 25%
Quiescent current consumption <160 [µA]
Alarm current consumption <2 [mA]
Working temperature -25 up to 55 [°C]
IP rating IP 20
Acceptable relative humidity 95% at the temp. of 35°C without condensation
Optical signalling green LEDs, red FLASH LED
Dimensions Ø110 x 50 [mm]
Weight 200 [g]
Housing colour white black
Product code FSD004 FSD013


Files to download

CE Certificate

pdf 3.5 MB

CE Declaration

pdf 0.85 MB

User Manual

pdf 1.1 MB

Data sheet

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