LVP-D Addressable Voice Alarm siren with external power



Siren is designed for alarming people when fire hazard is detected to let them evacuate. LVP-D is a loop voice siren which is powered by external power supply. After activation acoustic sound starts and then voice announcment. Depends on configuration these devices can activate 3 diffrent comunicates. It can work on addressable loop circuits/stub circuits of AWEX FAS system only. Connection of power wires are mandatory. LVP-D siren have built-in detector base which
lets use this device as sounder and detector at once.

Technical data  
Power supply voltage 24 [VDC] ± 25%
Maximum sound level 76[dB]
Number of sound variants 3 messages
Synchronisation Yes
Quiescent current consumption (FAS) 0,2 [mA]
Alarm current consumption (FAS) 0,2 [mA]
Quiescent current consumption (PSU) 15 [mA]
Alarm current consumption (PSU)  60 [mA]
Housing IP IP21C
Operating temperature -25 up to 55 [°C]
Admissible relative humidity 95% at a temp 35 [°C]
Dimensions (diameter x height) Ø 119x44 [mm]
Weight 200 [g]
Casing colour White Red
Product code FSS308 FSS315


Variant Messages Max. sound level     
1 “Attention! Attention! Fire has been detected in the building. Please leave the building immediately by
the nearest emergency exit.”
76 [dB]
2 “Attention! Attention! Fire hazard has been detected in the building. Please prepare to evacuate.” 76 [dB]
3 “Attention! Attention! Evacuation cancelled. It is safe to return to the building.” 76 [dB]


Files to download

UAE Certificate

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CE Declaration

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User Manual

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CE Certificate

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