The MIO module is the input/output device intended for the co-operation between conventional detectors and AWEX Fire Alarm Control Unit. It can operate on the detection loops or stub detection circuits. Module can work with conventional smoke detectors, conventional multisensor detectors and conventional manual call points. MIO22 CD has 2 outputs dedicated for conventional lines and 2 monitoring inputs (NO/NC contact). Device is equiped with double-sided short-circuit isolator. These ensure constant loop working, even in case of damage. It also lets you find place of that damage easily.

Technical data  
Power supply voltage 24 [VDC] ± 25%
Quiescent current consumption 200 [µA]
Alarm current consumption 500 [µA]
Short circuit isloatro built-in, double-sided
Number of outputs 2
Steering relay outputs no
Line continuity monitoring type resistance measurement
Number of inputs 2
Input function active, inactive
Input activation NO/NC dry contact
Fail-Safe function no
Housing type O S
IP rating IP 66 IP 66
Dimensions 150x116x67 [mm] 140x190x86 [mm]
Weight 230 [g] 530 [g]
Working temperature -25 up to 70 [°C]
Product code FSM024 FSM023


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UAE Certificate

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CE Declaration

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Data Sheet

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CE Certificate

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