Smoke beam detector Fireray 50R/100R



Beam smoke detectors Fireray 50R/100R are designed for securing big spaces, like: production halls, wearhouses,museums, shopping malls etc. There are two types differs with range: Fireray 50R: 5 - 50 [m] and Fireray 100R: 50 - 100 [m]. Beam smoke detector consist of transmiter and reciver mounted in the same housing, and mirror. Transmiter sends infrared beam which reflects of the mirror and goes
back to the reciver. In case when beam is disturbed by smoke, detector activates alarm.


Technical data  
Power supply voltage 10 - 30 [VDC]
Quiescent current consumption <4 [mA]
Alarm current consumption <15 [mA]
Alarm relay (output load) potential-free contact NO (2 [A], 30 [VDC])
Fault relay (output load) potential-free contact  NC (2 [A], 30 [VDC])
IP housing IP 50
Detector housing dimensions 12,6 x 21 x 12 [cm]
Reflector dimensions 10 x 10 x 0,95 [cm]
Weight 670 [g]
Product code FIRERAY 50R  FIRERAY 100R
FSD027 FSD028


Files to download

CE Certificat

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CE Declaration

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User Manual

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Data sheet

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