Smoke beam detector Fireray 50R/100R



Fireray ONE smoke beam detectors are designed for secure large scale permises, such as production halls, wearhouses, museums, churches, shopping malls, etc. In the basic set you can find the detector and single mirror. These lets you to supervise range of 50 [m]. By adding 3 more mirrors you can secure distance up to 120 [m]. Detector has built in laser indicator, what makes installation easy. Micro movements of the building are undesirable for fire detection. Because of that this device is equiped with auto calibration system.

Technical data  
Power supply voltage 10 - 30 [VDC]
Quiescent current consumption up to 4,5 [mA]
Alarm current consumption up to 35 [mA]
Alarm relay (output load) potential-free contact NO (2 [A], 30 [VDC])
Fault relay (output load) potential-free contact  NC (2 [A], 30 [VDC])
IP housing IP 55
Detector housing dimensions 134 x 182 x 152 [mm]
Reflector dimensions 100 x 100 x 10 [mm]
Weight 700 [g]
Product code FSD0044


Files to download

CE Certificate

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CE Declaration

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Data Sheet

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