Smoke beam detector TX7130



This device is designed for securing big spaces, like: production halls, wearhouses, museums, shopping malls etc. Beam smoke detector monitore wide area in the range of 8 - 100 [m]. Device consist of transmiter and reciver mounted in the same housing, and mirror. Transmiter sends infrared beam which reflects of the mirror and goes back to the reciver. In case when beam is disturbed by smoke,  detector activates alarm.

Technical data  
Smoke detection optical
Test fire detection accordance with EN54-12:2002 BS 5839 part 1:2002
Power supply voltage  20 up to 28 [VDC]
Current consumption
/ alarm / calibration
23 / 33 / 56 [mA]
Operating range [m] 8-20 20 - 40 40 – 70 70 - 100
Number of required reflectors 1 1 4 4
Relay load (alarm, fault) NO; 2 [A], 30 [VDC]
IP housing IP 30
Working temperature -10 up to 55 [°C]
Acceptable relative humidity up to 95%, without condensation
Optical signalling LEDs: red, yellow, green
Dimensions 190,87 x 126,87 x 91,96 [mm]
Weight 440 [g]
Accesories in set mounting handle, 4 reflectors
Housing material / colour ABS / white
Product code FSD037


Files to download

CE Certificate

pdf 0.2 MB

CE Declaration

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User Manual

pdf 1.32 MB

Data sheet

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